IEEE English for Engineering

We are pleased to announce that IEEE, in partnership with Cambridge University Press, has developed a program of online English communication instruction for engineers -students, researchers, professors: IEEE English for Engineering.

The  course will specifically provide to engineering professionals an online learning resource that teaches the communication skills and specialized English language knowledge as a support for Universsity english language courses, more and more requested in our Universities.

Nowadays that English is considered to be as the official language for science and technology , it is extremely important to improve oral and written kowledge of English and this has a great influence on our personal and professional research and cooperational acivities.

IEEE English for Engineering is based on Cambridge University Press bestseller   Cambridge English for Engineering.

IEEE journal artilcles, IEEE Magazines and IEEE tv technical videos are also included in the course which has interactive online modules.

The couse is available on a 12 months subscription, with ulimited number of users.

English for Engineering is within IEEE Xplore digital library and it has been realized with IEEE Learning Management (IEEE LMS), which allows thanks to a personal IEEE Account to have a follow up of personal targets and achievements, and to receive an immediate feedback.

For more information visit our brochure

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