IEEE Open Access

IEEE OPEN ACCESS, a new publication model  and free access to the results of the most innovative research in the technology field through  IEEE Xplore Digital Library.

Today, in research scenario, many authors want that the results of their research to get optimal visibility and to be freely available to all communities of readers.

The IEEE, for its prestige and global spread, offers the best opportunity to achieve this objective through the publication of articles in Open Access.

Three options are offered by the Open Access publication in IEEE: Hybrid Journals, Fully Open Access Topical Journals and IEEE Access.

Following an accurate Peer Review, but faster comparing to the traditional publishing model, authors can publish their articles with fee in IEEE journals in one of the three options of Open Access, and reach millions of users around the world via the IEEE Xplore digital library!

To make the publishing process easier and encourage the participation of their Authors Open Access IEEE, Universities, Government Agencies and Companies can choose to adhere to the IEEE Open Access Institutional Partnership. This program allows them to actively support the Open Access publishing excellence and helping to ensure an unrivaled presence in the research published by its authors. It represents an important opportunity for the University in terms of growth of prestige in the world of research and visibility in the international community through IEEE Xplore.

IMPORTANT OPPORTUNITY FOR UNIVERSITIES’: All members of the Consortium IEL taking part in the program Institutional Partnership for the publication of articles in Open Access benefit from discounted prices.

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