SMPTE Digital Library

EEE has recently announced a new partnership with the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers® (SMPTE®). As a result of this exciting partnership, the SMPTE Digital Library will be exclusively hosted on the IEEE Xplore platform.
Focusing on innovative content for the technologies in the communications, media, and entertainment industries, the SMPTE Digital Library includes the full-text unlimited access to all standards, journal articles and conference proceedings SMPTE.

The SMPTE Digital Library includes:
SMPTE Motion Imaging Journal
Key publications of the company provide peer-reviewed articles on topics in 3D, image processing, display technologies, audio compression, Digital Cinema, and much more.
The content has a backfile from 1916 and is available on SMPTE Digital Library.

SMPTE Conference Papers

The SMPTE Conference events provide industry the last tecnical  paper content of the conferences from 1969 to present are available in the SMPTE Digital Library.
SMPTE Standards
SMPTE is the development agency of the main standards of Motion Imaging. All 800 standard are available including Registered Disclosure Documents.
For those more relevant the content of the SMPTE Digital Library?
The SMPTE Digital Library content is relevant to the Departments, Schools and Research Areas Corporate including:
• – Sound engineering and production
• – Radio and audio production
• – Television production
• – Film production and technology
• – Special effects technology
• – Multimedia Technology
• – Music Technology
• – And so on

For more information about SMPTE Digital Library, visit and download the BROCHURE