IEEE Xplore Digital Library


IEEE Xplore Digital Library is a state-of-the-art platform that provides access to a wide range of technology resources.
Global reference point for accessing thousands of engineering scientific papers and technical documents, Xplore hosts a collection of content including: journal articles, conferences, standards, and books.
With its advanced search and intuitive user interface, this platform will allow you an easy navigation and customization of your search experience and enable you to stay up-to-date on the latest standards and best practices by delving into various aspects of science and engineering.
Whether you are a student, professional, or enthusiast, you will find high-quality resources to inspire your research and fuel your passion. Discover the future with IEEE Xplore!

pdf-iconIEEE Electronic Library (IEL) 

IEEE Electronic Library ( IEL ) brought to you by the IEEE Xplore® digital library, is our most comprehensive collection. Featuring Journal, Conference and Standards content from IEEE ; IEL contains almost one-third of the world’s current literature in electrical engineering, communications and computer science.

pdf-icon IEEE All-Society Periodicals Package

Over 190 IEEE online society-sponsored journals, transactions and magazines. Available online or in print and provides access to the IEEE’s core collection of engineering, electronics, and computer science periodicals.

pdf-iconIEEE Proceedings Order Plans

The IEEE Proceedings Order Plans (POP and POP All), brought to you by the IEEE Xplore® digital library, provide full-text access to the cutting-edge research papers and findings from conferences in a wide range of technology areas, including computer engineering, biomedical technology, telecommunications, electric power, aerospace, consumer electronics and many more. POP contains  125 Conference Titles.Pop All over 1800.

pdf-iconIEEE Journals Library Plus

Journals Library Plus gives subscribers unlimited access to the most current research articles IEEE journals and magazines, plus 500 document downloads to view IEEE and IET conference proceedings or archival journal articles, IBM Journal, MIT Press VDE Verlag Bell Labs Technical Journal, SMPTE Motion Imaging Journal, SMPTE conference papers , over 44.000 collections chapters and other content.

pdf-icon IEEE Conference Library Plus

Conference Library Plus get the most current technology information available with IEEE Conference Library Plus. Brought to you by the IEEE Xplore® digital library, IEEE Conference Library Plus gives subscribers instant, full-text access to any current year IEEE conference paper with a backfile of two years. Plus 500 document downloads to view any IEEE journal or magazine articles, IBM journal articles, or any IEEE conference papers older than two years, IBM Journal ,MIT Press VDE Verlag Bell Labs Technical Journal, SMPTE Motion Imaging Journal e SMPTE conference papers, over 44.000 collections chapters and other content.

pdf-icon IEEE Enterprise

IEEE Enterprise delivers an affordable way to meets the research needs of any organization—no matter how big or small—with innovative information and powerful research tools. Choose the number of downloads you need and access any of the 2 million IEEE articles via IEEE Xplore.

pdf-icon IEEE Power & Energy Library

Lets you access the latest power and energy articles, as well as papers from IEEE magazines, journals and conference proceedings—plus IEEE articles from all other industries, at levels to meet your company’s budget and information needs.

pdf-icon IEEE Standards Online

IEEE Standards, brought to you by the IEEE Xplore® digital library, are used around the world to help industries and companies open business opportunities, maximize research efforts, generate public and customer trust, build order in the marketplace and enhance safety.

pdf-icon IEEE Standards Select

It provides the access to the industry’s latest standards with a customizable package to meet your company’s pecific needs.

A predetermined download limit to choose from over 8.800 IEEE Standards with a choice of subscription options, including Standards Select Lease or Standards Select Continued Access. IEEE Redline Versions of Standards.