SMPTE Digital Library


SMPTE® Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers, worldwide leader in the Standard for the moving image industry: cinema, television and multimedia.

IEEE Xplore , is the exclusive HOST of the SMPTE Digital Library.

By focusing on innovative content for communications, media, and entertainment companies, SMPTE Digital Library includes unlimited full-text access to all SMPTE standards, SMPTE Motion Imaging Journal magazine articles and SMPTE conferences papers.

What is SMPTE
The color TV bars, the live sports events broadcast in high definition, or a 3D movie, streaming content or downloading on devices, a live sports event or live music and the captions.

SMPTE’s  techniques applies to most television and television broadcasts viewed and heard by billions of viewers around the globe because it guarantees the highest quality on any display.

SMPTE focuses its researches on all innovative communications and media applications and it is indispensable to entertainment industries as it is the most complete and up-to-date source of information.

SMPTE won the Oscar® and the Emmy® Award!

SMPTE Digital Library is the most complete and important digital library of innovative content for communications, media and entertainment technologies and provides unlimited access to the full text of 900 Standards, more than 22.000 articles of SMPTE Motion Imaging Journal and 2.000 conference proceedings.

  • Unlimited, full-text access to all SMPTE standards, journal articles, and conference papers.
  • Nearly 900 standards, including the iconic SMPTE Color Bars Television Test Patterns©,SMPTE Time Code©, and SMPTE Timed Text©
  • The peer-reviewed SMPTE Motion Imaging  Journal—more than 22,000 articles with a backfile to 1916.
  • SMPTE conference proceedings, including the Annual SMPTE Technical Conference and Exhibition—nearly 2,000 papers with a backfile to 1969.


SMPTE helps the broadcasting industry to work better

  • Provides key research on creation and delivery of quality images from camera to display
  • Opens business opportunities by using industry-accepted standardized methods
  • Describes state-of-the-art workflows for content creation and distribution
  • Encourages system interoperability of products within the marketplace
  • Accelerates innovation by understanding the media technology landscape
  • Increases productivity by providing access to previous research, avoiding redundant efforts


Stay ahead of the curve with the latest publications on applied media technologies by subscribing to the SMPTE Digital Library.

SMPTE Content Areas

The collection of titles focuses on leading science and technology in this areas:

  • Audio
  • Broadband
  • Compression
  • Control Systems
  • Digital Cinema
  • Display
  • File and Image Formats
  • Film
  • Networks
  • Projection
  • Recording
  • Test and Measurement
  • Time and Sync
  • Video

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